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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 19, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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and our temperatures should start to jump fairly quickly. there is your morning satellite radar. not a lot happening. in fact nothing happening and that is exactly what wewant as we should have a bright day. again, a lot of sunshine expected, no rain in today's forecast, no rain for the next couple of days as the weather pattern has quieted down for the time being. here is your afternoon forecast. mostly sunny skies and highs later today, about 60 degrees. it will feel better than that because we'll have bright sunshine throughout the day. so good looking forecast today. it gets better into tomorrow and wednesday. i'll have details on that coming up in a few. >> thank you very much. our top story today, the redskins fall to kansas city. jim zorn is striped of his duties when it comes to the offense. he will no longer be calling the shots. >> we should learn later today who will take over the play calling duties. dave ross joins us now with mea and gold. >> well it means this, he's not calling the plays. if it's not him, it could be sherm and smith would is now
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the current offensive mitchell, it could be stump mitchell, who is in chargof the running backs, but it's most likely sherm lewis. but he's an offensive genius. he's supposed to be a genius. did it in green bay and did well there. they definitely need help in this capacity, because right now is it the chick ep or the egg? is it the play calling or the personnel? because you can't figure out what the problem is. i can tell you this, the offensive line is in shambles and because of that jim zorn's plays are not being executed. and now what does jim zorn do? he says look at me. it's on me. i have to be the guy to turn this around. but they're running out of time and ey're 2-4 and they have the eagles coming in next monday night. this thing could go south. it could go to haiti real quick the way things are going. so they have to figure out whether or not this is a lost season and they're going to blow this team up and start over from scratch next year or
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if they think season--- is salvageable. >> i don't know what zorn will do this week? >> right. maybe go shopping? take in a movie. but seriously, though, he does -- we don't know what his role will be. we have a press conference scheduled for 12:30 and jim will come out and talk to us and i'm sure he'll explain what he'll be doing if you're not calling the plays. that was his bread and butter. that was his baby. he brought in to run the offense and right now it's not being done, at least not at the level it needs to be done and hence they are at the record they are. >> and i think you touched on something worth mentioning again. jim zorn, the head coach bears responsibility but it's not just him. >> no it's not. >> the players aren't performing like they should, there are other problems in term of how the team is managed. >> they need leaders on the
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field and side lines to step up and it's not happening. >> could tom cruise play a future role on this team? >> absolutely. put the glasses on. he could do a better job. could be fun to watch at least. >> all right, dave. thank you very much. people are writing in and talking about this online. you've been telling us what you think on we have some of thosehere. >> that we can read. >> well one skins fan says, quote, the redskins organization will never be a contender as long as dan snyder runs the team the way he does. bringing in a new coach will not solve anything as long as vinnie cerrato continues to prevent to be a general manager. mr. snyder, please get football p.m. to run the football side of this team. it's in your best interest. >> and the same from tina. i think it's time that jim zorn needs to go alone with dan snyder and sell the team to somebody else because he doesn't know a think about football. you can leave yo comments on
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our website as well, just click on the redskins story. >> are you sure that wasn't john riggins that wrote those? >> this is what a lot of people are saying. thank you, dave. well redskins owner dan snyder has been catching some flack about the teams lackluster team so far. his wife is now speaking out. mrs. snyder appeared on fox news sunday to rally for her husband and the skins and to promote an important cause. she is the face of the nfl's crucial catch, a program pushing breast cancer awareness. she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and is hoping to get attention of the football fans and encouraged the redskins and fans to stay positive about the rest of the season. >> well, everything starts from the top down. i understand that. i hope and wish the best for the redskins and for the fans. and i certainly -- he's a number one fan. so for everybody we want the redskins to do great. nobody likes to be booed and it
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makes me sad. >> the nfl is trying to build breast cancer awareness by passing out information at stadiums and raising money. players on the field are also wearing pink. now another big story we're following for you this morning. the drama surrounding so the called balloon boy incident last week. >> it turns out, as you know, that that homemade hot air balloon said to be carrying a 6- year-old boy was all a planned publicity stunt and now felony charges are likely to follow. rick full bound has the latest on this high-flying hoax. >> reporter: a hoax to land a reality tv show. that's what authorities say was behind last week's helium balloon drama that captivated the nation. >> the plan was obviously to create a situation where it appeared that falcon was in the craft and that his life was in jeopardy in order to gain a lot
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of publicity. >> reporter: richard and his wife are likely facing multiple felony charges that could carry a maximum 6-year sentence and $500,000 fine. others suspected accomplices are being investigated including an unnamed media outlet. >> we do understand, looking at some documents already, that at least one of the media outlets has agreed to pay them some money with regardsto this particular incident. >> reporter: the alleged stunt was carried live by cable news outlets, millions watched as the balloon fell back to earth, rescue workers desperately clawing through the homemade craft looking for the 6-year- old boy thought to have been aboard. little falcon wasn't there. his family says he was hiding in an attic but investigators aren't buying it. >> accusations are cheap. when it comes time to put up or shut up is in front of a jury down the road. if they have the evidence, that's great. bring it on.
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>> reporter: richard heene claims he's a storm chaser and inventor. he likens himself to anam tour scientist but the sheriff's department believes that's a stretch saying he may be nutty but he's no professor. in new york, rick full bound, fox news. >> now colorado authorities want to talk to an associate of richard heene to help plan out the hoax. for that story, police say the heene family pulled the stunt in hopes of landing a reality show deal. this morning we talked with a psychologist. the doctor says reality shows can have a negative impact on child stars an each kids watching the shows. >> a lot of reality shows push a negative image. the child that does his homework goes and cleans up the room and does his chores is a boring kid.
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the cameras aren't going to follow him. but the child that acts up, is disobedient and has poor impulse control, those are the ones they watch. for the kids at home, they see that type of behavior and gets the attention. >> and the doctor said if you allow children watch reality tv, let them know it may be the star's reality and not theirs. a sex abuse trial has been set back. it would be a first trial allowing a charge to be brought forward after the statute of limitations in wilmington. fairfax county having the worst county budget shortfalls in years. it is planning cuts that could
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include closing schools, increasing class sizes, ending supper school and eliminating foreign language classes. they say, quote, what we are trying to get people to understand is that you are all at risk at this time. president obama getting a school lesson this morning. he arrived at sid well friends in bethesda around 7:40 this morning for a parent-teacher conference. first lady was going to go, but the president decided he would like to participate. sasha attends the lower school in bethesda. school is closed for students today so no big surprise for the kids and they probably enjoyed sleeping in any way. and with just two weeks left in the campaign season, both major candidates for virginia governor can claim some endorsement bragging rights. over the weekend, the washington post backed creigh deeds. the editorial endorsement praised his courage for being open to raising taxes for transportation. post called many of bob
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mcdonnell's ideas unworkable and feared he would push an anti-abortion, anti-gay social agenda. but the daily press of newport news back mcdonnell saying he has good fiscal discipline and would be less likely than deeds to increase spending. and he picked up the endorsement of inside, the online newspaper in prince william's county. the justice department is set to issue new policy guidelines on medical marijuana today. what the new policy is expected to be. >> plus it's a busy week on the hill for eleanor holmes norton. from voting rights to health care, she joins us next to talk about the week ahead. a dozen people crowding into a sweat lodge. the fox 5 morning news continues next. 
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turning now to the battle
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over health care reform, and the new efforts to reach a compromise. the senate finance committee passed it's version of the health care reform bill last week. now lawmakers from both sides are trying to blend five house and senate committee bills into one. house democrats want a public insurance option that would compete with insurers in the private sector to help drive down costs. but in the senate republicans and some democrats oppose that. the prose isn't planning on sending any more u.s. troops to afghanistan any time soon. his white house chief of staff said during a sunday morning interview, tat president will not commit to a troop surge until he's convinced that that country's government can be a reliable partner for the u.s. the top commander in afghanistan is calling for thousands more american troops to help stabilize the w-torn nation. the white house will continue to hold strategy sessions in the next two weeks.
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new rules for marijuana users and growers. right now it is legal in 14 states, incling maryland. federal anti-marijuana laws are still enforced, regardless of what was allowed state to state. officials say now prosecutors will be advised not to arrest people who use it or provide it if they are following state laws. health care, voting right and metro, they are all topics keeping eleanor holmes norton busy on the hillthis morning. she joins us to talk about these topics and more. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning, tony. >> let's start with a bill you're introducing this week that is aimed at making metro safer. it addresses concerns with the national transportation safety board. can you tell bus that bill. >> a dozen years of ago the national transportation safety board told metro to replace the old cars. these cars go back to the 1970s. how can they do that? we are just in this
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appropriations period, appropriating the first $150 million of $1.5 billion that we have promised metro. meanwhile, we had a terrible tragedy here on june 22nd where the front and -- the front cars, in deed some whole trains, were composed the 1970s cars. cars that are sold and you don't see like such automobiles on the street any re. the newer cars were not in the front and rear. and those who died, 7 of them from the district, were in that front car, the old 1970s car. what my bill would do is bring support and i think support of members throughout the house and senate, is to say in the absence of any fashional crash worthy standards, where you have an terim safety and cost- affective procedure to be taken, do take it while the
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systems gather the money to do the right thing, which ntsb was right to say was to buy entirely new cars. in no economy can you get that type of response from legislature, national or local. >> because the national transportation safety board made the recommendation but metro did not take the recommendation. >> they could not take the representation. therefore metro might have made an interim recommendation and to clarify they could make interim recommendation, but perhaps the statute isn't clear enough and what it says is that if there is a way such as they have now found, they now have put the crash-worthy cars in
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the front and rear. we have no national standards for what is crash-worthy and we have another bill to have the first safety standards for metro systems throughout the country. >> i want to ask you about d.c. voting rights. there is talk on the hill about attaching a d.c. voting rights bill on a defense bill to get a voting member in the house. steny hour was asked about this last week. i want to play it and then talk about it. >> it's somewhat ironic that in the symbol of democracy around the world, that our fellow citizens, some 600,000 of them, don't have a voting representative in their parliament, the house of represents, the people's house. i think that's an egregious underpining of the principals for which our men and women fight, for which we stand and
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to which we have pledged support of our constitution. now r or not that will be included in the defense bill, it is about democracy. it's about participation. it's about respect. but what are the chance -- the chances of a d.c. voting right getting put through in this bill. >> i think it's good. through technical work we have found a way to atash the bill to a defense bill and to get the bill passed, using a number of other devices in the house and senate, if they work together. and i believe they want to do this this year, it must be done this year for all kinds of reasons and if we want to do it thisyear, before thank, then we must attach it to this defense appropriation bill.
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that is still being considered. it is still being worked on. and it takes both houses to work together and do it and our burd sen to work with both houses. we are pleased with the progress. we're not there yet. if we don't get it this way, we must get it another way and we have given our leaders a number of different ways to get this done this year as it must be done. >> got about 15 seconds left. you continue to work on health care reform. your thoughts on the baucus plan that passed the senate last week. >> not my favorite. i like the house bill that has the public option. i don't like that we can't say all that we say we can do and increase competition and take parts of the house bill, so we are still pressing very hard to get our bill together. we have divorce parties so it's harder to do it than if we were like our colleagues who voted out most of the moderates
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unless they can come together very easily. >> i hear you. thank you very much, delegate. norton. it's a pleasure to have you on the show. >> thank you. in the era of video games, it's no excuse to not have personal fitness. and holly is out previewing a festival for the little ones. holly. >> reporter: i am being thoroughly entertained. this is indeed a festival for the young and the young at heart. we're talking about the kids euro festival. 150 plus free performances for you and your family, all from european nations and it's happening only here in the washington, d.c. area. we'll tell you more about it live later in the hour. >> that's great. first a look at today's trivia question. which note would you hear if you were to strike the liberty
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bell? this is a good one. would it be a d, a b-flat, a sharp or e-flat. the answer coming up later. if you want to venture a guess, head to our facebook page. we may mention your name at the end of the hour if you get it right. >> i don't know. >> i don't either.
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sad news following detroit marathon. three runners died during the race. a 26-year-old was running the half marathon and two other men age 36 and 65. the last time a death was reported was in 1994. the temperature was below freezing. about 28 degrees when the race began yesterday. it rose to 41 degrees though by 10:00 a.m. tony. more sad news. a star football player and father to be killed just hours
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after leading the university of connecticut to a homecoming victory. jasper howard headed to uconn to escape the violence of his neighborhood in miami. he was first in the family to attend college. he was stabbed. police have not made any arrests but say they have several leads. a third person is dead after a spiritual ceremony at a sweat lodge in arizona. now the family of a minnesota native, you see her there, liz newman is now planning legal action against the resort. the 49-year-old was among dozens who crowded into the sweat lodge earlier this month during a cleansing ceremony. an attorney for her family says appropriate measures were not taken. 21 people reportedly collapsed dung the ceremony. two other people died. this is a story that grabbed national headlines for days. we're talking about the balloon boy hoax and we'll tell you who investigators want to talk to
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back now with the story everybody is talking about this morning. it turns out about the story about the boy in a helium balloon in colorado, well it turns out it was a hoax. >> investigators say it was publicity stunt. the parents will likely face felony charges. they are investigating whether the family may have had head from media outlets. and the investigators are waiting to question a help from a friend. >> the 6-year-old might be flying away to an uncertain
9:31 am
feature. >> they believe some media outlets were colluding with him. >> they should be subject as a family to 100 hours of bad reality tv. >> watching it? >> they want to join in. >> they have to watch it. so the kardashians. >> they want it to be among the ranks. they love it. >> no. >> lorenzo lamb as has a new show out. >> it's not enough. because the parents -- according to the police, the kids were fully aware. because they're lying to the public, they are wasting the time and energy of emergency services. >> their felons. >> how much do we involve? -- you know what i'm saying. some is our responsibility. >> i watched part of it last thursday but at one point i said does this warrant this coverage. cnn was all over it and so was fox. >> and i watched it as well. and as a viewer, it was rivotting. if there was a boy in the balloon, you wanted him to be rescued and it looked dangerous
9:32 am
and they were going to perform an aerial rescue. >> what a hoax. the blame is on the family. not us. >> but here is the sad thing. even though they're going to do some time probably, they'll probably still get a reality show. someone will offer them, hey you are famous, we'll put you on. >> you think? >> probably. >> okay. >> bad state after fairs. now the weather wiautill l next several days. we can all turn off our heat. >> too late, skylar is sick. >> great balloon flying weather though. >> it's fan fastic balloon flying weather. if you're going to fly a balloon, it will move to the south later today. three is the temperature. 45 degrees at reagan national. 41 in gaithersburg. 40 in hagerstown. still 34 in cumberland at the cool spot. frost and freeze advisory have expired and these temperatures will jump over the next hour to 48 now in fredericksberg. our afternoon highs today, a
9:33 am
very comfortable up 50s. some of us will touch below 60s and with light winds it will feel better than what we've been dealing with the last several days. look at that, clearing out here in washington. quiet conditions. the last of our nor'easter that brought snow to parts of new england. you probably caught the patriots game, it was snowing up there, it pushing off to the north and east and the showers and snow shower activity has pushed out of maine. so again, very quiet conditions. high pressure building in and our next few days will feature quiet. a lot of sunshine and warming temperatures. our temperatures will be a few degrees above where they should be by tomorrow and tick sticking around for much of the week. a lot of sunshine. warmer than yesterday. high out there at 60 degrees and winds lighter at 5-10 miles per hour. and then into the nighttime, we'll be cold overnight. if you have tender vegetation, bring that in. clear skies and quite cool overnight. winds ouof the north at 5-10.
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nice looking five-day forecast. 70 tomorrow with sunshine. wednesday and thursday with low sunshine. our next chance for shower activity will be friday. so this will be a nice quiet week. and let's get to allison who is back with the special pet segment. we have one guy who is ready and another reluctant, but we'll start any way because national cat day is less than two weeks away. it's a way to recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued and to encourage people to celebrate their cats and this week we have a few friends that need our home. and this is b.j. with the montgomery county humane society. good way to see you. >> and it's a great way to start out a monday. >> you have gone above and beyond, because who do i have? >> that's salt. >> he has on a little vest that says creature of the night.
9:35 am
he's all decked out in halloween gear. and is that mattice? >> this is mattice. >> because we know cats don't enjoy that, but they are doing really well. >> they are. >> and tell us about this special recognition for our feline friends? >> well it's a fashional day. a week from thu narsy,onal cat we want to encourage everybody to come into the shelter and look at all of the wonderful cats and kittens. these two are great young guys. salt is about 6 months and mattice is about a year old. and they're just a lot of fun. >> really sweet. and you are also having an event yourself coming up on thursday. >> this thursday evening, for all of those cat parents who have problems and questions, our feline focus committee has organized a cat 101 seminar with doctor dr. ruben stein. she's the only board certified feline practitioner vet in montgomerycounty. so they'll be at the germantown
9:36 am
library. >> and before we open up our home to loving cats, what are some things? you're talking about cat care 10 if you have a cat already, it's important to make the introduction slowly and carefully. they probably will need to be separated while they get used to each other's smells and behavior patterns. and if you haven't had a cat before, our adoption counselors can provide advice on how to get started. different things to do for a kitten versus an adult cat. that kind of thing. >> and let's talk about salt. and b.j., you have a lot of loving animals here over the years and the mohs, but salt is so calm. >> he really is. i'm not really sure what his story is, because he and mattice came to us as strays. but salt has just been a little lover guy. >> okay. and tell us about him more. >> he's a domestic medium hair
9:37 am
cat. all of the domestic mediums and mattice is a domestic short hair. she's kind of artsy. but all of these domestic breeds, they're the result of years and years ocross breeding and that's why you get of their fur and their colors just their general appearance. >> now anything else you want to tell us about mattice. i'm giving him a bad name how he's sitting there ready to pounce but he's a good cat. >> he's good and he's fine. he's also young. both of these cats will make wonderful lifetime pets so whoever should adopt them. you'll have many years with them. >> how easy would it be to integrate a cat with a dog and if you're thinking maybe i should round out my family with a cat. >> i haven't tried it with my beagle but after a period of adjustment, they should be
9:38 am
okay. >> cat care 101 is this thursday 7:00 to 80:00 in germantown. and b.j., thank you for stopping by. let us know what these guys get good homes. >> okay. >> tony bark to you. >> they are cute. thank you very much. and it was a childhood fun for decades. one teacher is putting the wheels for your feet feet to good use. and wanna is here in studio to celebrate the life of a musical legend. the details are coming up. don't go anywhere. and first here is another look at today's trivia question. which note would you hear if you strike the liberty bell? much more ahead this morning. we'll be back in a moment.
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we've been spotlighting this all morning. it's one of the countries largest performing arts festival. >> the kids euro festival is going on from now until nomber0th. holly is at the house of sweden to learn more about the free agents going on around town today. good morning, holly. >> reporter: it takes place in numerous counties and is one of the biggest festivals in the country. in case you're wondering. and the thing that is great. this is not just one free event that we're talking about here, that is happening over one weekend. this is four weeks of free events happening around the greater washington area. 27 european union embassies
9:43 am
coming together with 20 of the biggest cultural institutions all coming together to provide this for children around the world, literally. and sweden being the presidency of the european union this is we're, we are live at the house of sweden and cecilia is joining me, she came from stockholm to be on fox shoes. she was one the ambassador for slovakia and is now head of press communications. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> and we were talking about the importance of an event like this and how you all are emphasizing public diplomacy. how does this event for children help aid in that. >> i think culture is a tremendous instrument to convey values, traditions and policies. and when we engage the children in playing and that's their training for the future and it's a tremendous instrument, a fabulous way to convey our
9:44 am
building of bridges between europe and the united states and i think in sweden's case, pippy long stocking in english, she is a tremendous person to train children around the world in values such as independence, loyalty to friends, being a little bit against the -- >> reporter: the society, the man. >> and it's something we want to convey and people, children pick it up playing. >> reporter: and they with can learn from our children. i want to bring in rowland from the french embassy. and one of the main reasons this is able to be pulled off. we saw you last year. it was a huge success. and back by popular demand and now bigger than ever. >> i think last year we had 130 presidencies and this year we have 150. >> reporter: how do you pick who will be part of the festival. >> we work with our colleagues and they know what they want to
9:45 am
bring. and that's the magic. we have acrobats, we have puppet theater, magicians. >> reporter: there is no way you can't be entertained when you go to one of these events. >> oh, yes, of course. it's fabulous. >> reporter: and it's a chance to get into the embassies themselves. the kennedy center, the imagination stage in bethesda, you name it. there is something for everyone. and our final performance is a little bit of opera, yes, for children. and without further ado, i'll introduce you to casey, a 17- year-old soprano from the austrian embassy. [ singing ] [ music ]
9:46 am
>> reporter: remember mozart wrote many of his operas when he was just a child himself. he was very young. and her performers were young so that's why they wanted to do this. this will take place at the austrian embassy. but there is 150 different free performances. it runs through november 10th. is our website. we have a link to theirs and go through and see the different opportunities for you and your family to take part in. and they also have listed next to the per farm formance the ages they think is best. but there is something for everyone from ages 4 up through teens. back to you guys. [ singing ] >> thank you very much. >> wonderful. we go from opera to a little billy holiday. waynea is in studio b. celebrating the music of billy holiday. >> she'll perform for us live
9:47 am
coming up. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. warm pillsbury cookies
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made with gooey hersheys mini-kisses. spontanious joy may occur. are on the table grands biscuits. would it really be breakfast without 'em?
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hoo-hoo! make breakfast grand.
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one of the greatest vocalists to graze a stage gets a special tribute. >> billy holiday had roots in our area, spending a good part of her younger life in baltimore. now another singer with ties to maryland joins us. your voice is beautiful, waynea. >> thank you. >> and you've channeled billy holiday with your whole look. i said to tony, she even looks like her. >> i had a little help this morning. i went to one of my favorite boutiques, pink november, and they hooked me up. >> well they did indeed. tell us about the tribute going on. well billy has been one of my musical mentors and i was at a point in my career where i wanted to dig deeper into his
9:51 am
catalog and get inspired so i decided to do this tribute and learn her catalogue and show our respects to her. >> she was such a stylist with her voice. was it hard for you to sort of get into that mode? she had a definite distinctive style? >> no. because i've listened to her for some years and i've been compared to her. soy think there is a similarity in our tones and rhythm that i think we just have in common. but the more i've dug deep into her catalog, the more i can appreciate her true brilliance. >> but you are a great singer. and what will we find when we buy your cd. >> it is a mixture of gospel, so, r and b and funk. i've used some of the artists of the area and put together some stories and it's taking r and b and story telling to
9:52 am
another level. >> we'll hear a little bit of your billy holiday tribute. and it is at blues alley this weekend. what are we doing now? >> this is one of my favorites right now. >> wonderful. [ music ] [ singing ]
9:53 am
♪ good morning heart ache. [ singing ]
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[ applause ]
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oh, yes. time now for the answer to the trivia question. which note would you hear if you were to strike the liberty bell? d, b plat, e sharp or e plat. the answer is e plat. >> that was my guess. >> very good. we had 16 fanguess. congrats to joe, katherine, nicki, windia, jason. >> christina and jacqueline, keisha, and tina, and jacqueline. in the stage of ipods, something is making it a comeback. >> some kids in tennessee are wearing roller skates in school. it's part of a program to help kids get in shape and teach them safety. kids at cumberland heights elementary spend an hour aday skating around the gym. the physical education teacher says the kids love it and it looks like fun. >> we have denison base, eli on
9:59 am
keyboards. want to correct something we said. the tribute to billy holiday is wednesday night at blues alley. thank you very much. a quake look at the five- day forecast. 60 this afternoon. it gets better tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the rest of the week is mild with sunshine. and higher ground, which is waynea's cd is availal on itunes. you can go and support a local grammy nominated star. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. i had a great time. and thank you for watching fox 5 morning news. you can get all of the news all of the time on >> whether you want to or not. thanks for joining us today. we'll see you tomorrow. today..d the rumors. >> you get obviously one side of a complicated story. >> rachael: now here is the truth. we are setting the record straight. >> sometimes you want to


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